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Fasting every second day diet, also known as the QOD diet, is a exclusive method in weight loss without starving yourself. As opposed to most fasting diets that continues on for extended periods with not a lot of or no food intake whatsoever, the QOD diet does not decrease your system's metabolic process, thus works more effectively in making you drop weight. The QOD diet plan is composed of an ON day wherein you can consume food routinely, and an OFF day where you must reduce the food absorption to 300 calories. Using this method, the quantity you consume is going to be consistently decreased enough that you should slim down eventually.

In the QOD diet plan you need to adhere to particular eating rules every other day for it to work efficiently. The main goal of the off day is for you to eat  about 1,500-2,000 mg of potassium and 1,000 mL of water, while consuming a maximum of 300 non-protein calories (400 if you are exercising) and 200 calories from protein. You should also take 40-60 grams of high-biologic-value protein powder which will help you control being hungry and maintain your muscle size. The advisable foods that will help you satisfy these demands are tomato juice, orange juice, and drinkable yogurt, as they include the sodium and calories you may need. You are also urged to take calcium, fiber, and multivitamins to keep your bowel movement on a regular basis.

Meanwhile the ON days entails intuitive consuming, so it doesn’t imply that you could binge on fast foods or other unhealthy foods during this day. You must also restrict yourself to 1 sweet serving and steer clear of snacking on candy or cookies. Avoid high sodium foods as it is likely to make it hard for the kidneys to regulate throughout your OFF day. The general rule for the ON days is that you should not be eating more than 1,800-2,400 calories if you are a male, or 1,200-1,800 if you are a female so that you will lose excess fat, although the values can change based on your age and activity level.

By the end of the day, the fasting every other day diet is a comparatively non-punitive lasting fasting diet plan which can be applied on a permanent basis.

by Carol Branwen



Detox Fasting Diets                   

A detox fasting diet is primarily used to eliminate the harmful toxins in your body that build up over the years.